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Footwear for Diabetic Foot Pain

Diabetic Foot Pain

Shop SoftScience for Maximum Comfort & Support.

Diabetic foot troubles can be both painful and uncomfortable. From burning, tingling feet to difficulty walking, or even wearing shoes for a long period of time. There are many ways Diabetic neuropathy can make living with the condition troubling and inconvenient.

If you're experiencing throbbing, achy feet, and have that pins and needles feeling when you’re on the go then our shoes for diabetic nerve pain are for you. SoftScience has designed shoes that support your feet and offer the comfort you need to walk with little to no diabetic nerve pain at all.

Why Our Shoes Are So Comfortable

It is common for those who suffer from Diabetic neuropathy to endure periods of numbness, tingling, and even temperature changes to their feet, legs, and arms. The tenderness can be agonizing when trying to walk and get around throughout the course of a day, as pressure is put on the heels, arch and toes.

Diabetic feet require greater support and protection, and a shoe designed for diabetic nerve pain to evenly distribute weight across the footbed to minimize pain and reduce pressure points.

As a person walks, their weight shifts, putting stress in certain areas. Those carrying more weight will also naturally put more pressure on those points. To combat this, SoftScience diabetic foot pain shoes are designed to comfort and cushion the foot, and the lightweight, relaxed fit gives feet room to breathe.


Suffer from Diabetes or Diabetic neuropathy?
Check out these preferred shoes for diabetic foot pain and start walking comfortably and again:

The Drift Canvas

The Drift Canvas

A comfortable canvas slip-on for men and women that can also be worn as a clog. Extended sizes available in Khaki, Blue and True Black.

The Skiff 2.0 Canvas

The Skiff 2.0 Canvas

The Skiff 2.0 Canvas is a supremely comfortable and stable men's and women's flip-flop that can help reduce foot, knee and back pain. These flip-flops are lightweight, superbly cushioned and have a slimmer profile when compared to our original Skiff Canvas.

The Cruise Canvas

Regular Price: $79.95

Special Price $69.95

The Cruise Canvas

A comfortable men's canvas boating shoe featuring a classic boating collar and slip-resistant, non-marking outsole.

The Frisco

The Frisco

The Frisco men's supremely comfortable cotton canvas slip-on shoe


Don’t just take our word for it.

Hear what others have to say about the comfort they’ve regained using our shoes for diabetic nerve pain.

"I suffer from diabetic neuropathy in the legs and feet. It’s a constant battle with footwear trying to find “the comfort zone”. Especially for extended periods of time. These shoes are absolutely THE most comfortable shoes I own. And very well made. And their “flip-flops” are like walking on clouds!"

"I have diabetic feet and your shoes are the only ones I can wear."