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Plantar fasciitis is a common condition which most people experience at some time in their life. The plantar fascia is a broad tendon that runs across the entire bottom of the foot. When this tendon is overstretched or injured, pain usually occurs at the point where the plantar fascia attaches to the heel bone.

How can Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis help?

Plantar Fasciitis

If you suffer from sharp pains in your heels or have tremendous discomfort on hard flooring, you’re not alone. In addition to stretches and at-home remedies, your plantar fasciitis footwear is a key player in recovery at home.

Plantar fasciitis shoes can relieve painful symptoms of this ailment. Having a shoe that is easy to slip on, has a cushioned heel, and provides moderate support to the arch will alleviate your discomfort.

SoftScience’s shoes for plantar fasciitis have been designed with these needs in mind and are highly recommended as an alternative to other household footwear, such as slippers, because they both cushion and support the sole of the foot while you walk. With a roomy, relaxed fit and lightweight design, the plantar fasciitis shoes mean comfort is possible without sacrificing the support your tendons need—in and out of the house.


Try one of our four most popular shoes for plantar fasciitis pain relief:

The Drift Canvas

The Drift Canvas

A comfortable canvas slip-on for men and women that can also be worn as a clog. Extended sizes available in Khaki, Blue and True Black.

The Skiff 2.0 Canvas

The Skiff 2.0 Canvas

The Skiff 2.0 Canvas is a supremely comfortable and stable men's and women's flip-flop that can help reduce foot, knee and back pain. These flip-flops are lightweight, superbly cushioned and have a slimmer profile when compared to our original Skiff Canvas.

The Cruise Canvas

Regular Price: $79.95

Special Price $69.95

The Cruise Canvas

A comfortable men's canvas boating shoe featuring a classic boating collar and slip-resistant, non-marking outsole.

The Frisco

The Frisco

The Frisco men's supremely comfortable cotton canvas slip-on shoe


How Do You Quantify Comfort?

Trying to figure out what shoe would be best for your needs? Consider how the pain in your feet affects your everyday activities. Are you finding it hard to complete chores around the house, do you suffer from pain on the heel of your foot so severe you avoid getting up frequently enough throughout the day? Or are you an adventurer who is craving to get back out there and enjoy the excitement of outings again, without having achy feet?

The best shoes for plantar fasciitis are going to be the ones that provide support where you need it most.

Gait analysis measures how a foot falls when someone is walking and where pressure points in your foot lie. Below is a look at how competitor shoes measured up in Gait Analysis tests versus SoftScience shoes used to help with Plantar fasciitis.

You can see in both studies that extreme pressure points were found even with average single support in the competitor brand shoes. In comparison, SoftScience shoes provided the needed support along the entire length of the foot and most importantly in the key area near the heel bone where Plantar fasciitis pain occurs.


Customer Testimonials

"I received my first (but probably not my last) pair of your shoes. My day began with pain in my right foot, as usual. I wore one brand of shoes until it was time to mow the lawn, and I had to change into a different type and brand for that. By the time I finished with the lawn I was limping from the pain and I changed back to the original brand, the one I can normally walk the longest while wearing. I took the dog for a walk and was limping even more, and the pain was beyond belief. When we returned home, I limped out to the mailbox and found your shoes had arrived. I know instantly (under normal circumstances) if I can wear the shoes just by trying them on. So, when I put them on I had no more pain like before, and that's a good sign. Now comes the interesting part. Within about 5 minutes of wearing them, my pain was gone. I walked around inside the house, and still no more pain. I know they didn't 'cure' me, but, between the other two brands my pain remained or only got worse. I can only hope this continues to make my day a little brighter and a whole lot more pain free. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Now my next test will be the walk around the neighborhood with my little buddy without pain."


"I am very happy and excited about SoftScience and the results I have seen since getting a pair of Drifts a couple weeks ago. I can tell you I have noticed amazing relief of my chronic metatarsalgia since wearing these. My problem has been gradually worsening for the last 15 years and stems from years of long distance running. I have 5 different pairs of orthotics that have helped to some degree, but not a day goes by where my metatarsalgia doesn’t flare up after a day of being on my feet all day seeing patients as a chiropractor. This is always worse after exercise and recently I have mostly given up long road runs for the bike, but that also aggravates. I remember the first time I put on SoftScience shoes because it felt so incredibly comfortable, like nothing I had ever felt before. I wear them almost every day now because my feet feel great all day long - even on days after a 3-mile trail run! I have not experienced any pain in my feet on any day I have worn them. A few days I had to wear my other shoes, and I felt the old pain again. I am anxious to start recommending them to my patients and would like to get my associates on board with this as well."

Michael P Hergenroether, DC