The 2016 Miami International Boat Show from February 11-15 saw over 100,000 visitors this year. SoftScience was proud to have been an exhibitor and introduce our supreme comfort footwear to the masses! Hard core boaters and fishermen found The Fin to be the ideal boat shoe and those seeking new comfort footwear found many of our other styles a great fit!

For 2016 we partnered with Coral Reef Sailing Apparel to sell our footwear on site.  We couldn't be happier with the results or the new partnership with the team at Coral Reef. They have added SoftScience to their catalog of premier sailing and boating brands which they take on the road and sell at 100+ sailing and boating events across the US.  

SoftScience also launched our newest footwear style, The Skiff Canvas at the show. Entered into the prestigeous NMMA Innovation Awards the Skiff Canvas is a must try item!

A huge thank you to the residents of the city of Miami and all the 100,000+ visitors who made the show what it is and who got to experience the SoftScience Comfort Zone.

Stay comfortable friends!

-The Team at SoftScience

Miami International Boat Show 1


Miami International Boat Show 2