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Get the comfort, style, and protection you need to enjoy sailing with SailFin

Slippery surfaces and squishy wet feet can sure put a damper on an otherwise beautiful outing on your sailboat. Don’t let these conditions ruin your adventure.

SailFin sailing shoes are lightweight, cushioned, and have a slip-resistant sole to help you maintain your footing while on deck. The sailing shoes also feature a woven, breathable, and reinforced microfiber upper that allows for the free flow of water through the shoe.

Go from land to sea - and back again with ease! These fast-draining and quick-drying boat shoes for sailing are just what you need to get out there, set sail, and enjoy the breathtaking view of the open waters.


Check out our most popular sailing shoes – available for both men and women:

The Women’s SailFin

Women's SailFin

Start enjoying the water again with the all-new Sailfin boating shoe! The fast-draining and quick-drying sailing shoe with mesh upper features a 5-eye, all-synthetic, textile lace that makes it possible to go from shore to sea and back again with ease! For our women's sailing shoe, we didn’t just think about comfort and safety, we also designed the shoe with style and a narrower slip-resistant outsole so you don’t have to sacrifice style while keeping your feet protected.

The Men's SailFin

Men's SailFin

Navigating the waters is part of the thrill with sailing. Tackle the water and then dry out quickly to be comfortable on land without needing to change your shoes multiple times throughout the day. These fast-draining and quick-drying sailing shoes feature our popular forefoot water flow system and have a mesh upper with a 5-eye, all-synthetic textile lace so you can transition from land to sea and back again without having to think about your feet. The water (and sidewalk) await you!


Don’t just take our word for it.

Hear what others have to say about the comfort they’ve regained using our shoes.

"Right now, I’m wearing the new Sailfin. They have the look of a casual tennis shoe - like Converse or the old Adidas Stan Smiths. They have all you want in a boat shoe - a good grip on slippery surfaces, I toss ‘em in the wash, and they are super lightweight. Did I mention they won’t mark my deck? Great shoes."
- Captain Rick Murphy

"My favorite Soft Science shoes for fishing and boating are the Women’s Fin 3.0 and the Women’s Sailfin. The Sailfin looks like a 'skater shoe' and is so fashionable that you can wear it from the boat right onto the dock and to dinner. "
- Darcizzle

"All soft science shoes are great shoes, the most comfortable I have ever worn in my fifty three years of shoe wearin'. The SailFin is roomier in the forefoot than the Fin 2.0. Additionally, since the material in the heel is thinner with no rawhide cord, you can fold the heel under and wear them as slip-ons. I'd give my eye teeth for a pair in green!"
- Junior O'Malley