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Women's Fishing & Boating Shoes

SoftScience offers some of the most stylish, supportive, and comfortable shoes available for women. This footwear line contains a variety of shoes uniquely constructed to provide even weight distribution. This reduces joint pressure and keeps the foot aligned in a level and neutral position, all while allowing you to stay active and comfortable. The line includes walking, sailing, and fishing shoes for women.

Looking for the perfect women’s boating shoes? We feature footwear that is manufactured to deal with a variety of surfaces and wet conditions. SailFin women’s sailing shoescome equipped with fast-draining and quick-drying technology that protects your feet from soaking in water. Our women’s boat shoes will keep your feet comfortable, even in damp and wet situations.

SoftScience also offers a variety of women’s walking shoes that use slip-resistant soles to assure safe, even footing in whatever environment you find yourself. Tradewind’s slip-on shoes, for example, use comfortable insoles and outsoles that combine resistance and relief to create the ideal walking shoe.

In addition to our comfortable, supportive shoes, we offer lightweight, stable flip flops that will allow you to relax while providing relief from knee, foot, and back pain. The Skiff 2.0 canvas flip-flop, in particular, give your feet arch and heel support along with a relaxing cushion.

All SoftScience shoes and flip flops include insoles made with our patented Trileon technology. A Trileon insole has unique properties that marry comfort with resistance and support, creating non-marking, strong footwear that does not absorb moisture.

SoftScience offers the best-in-class foot support and traction on wet, slippery boat decks and docks. One of the products that best exemplifies this strength is the Fin 3.0 line of women’s fishing shoes, which use microfiber reinforcements on several locations in the foot to allow for maximum hold in dangerous situations.

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